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The Swedish textile industry at its best.


With a history that begins in 1920. At Termo Original they can safely say that they have known what they do for 100 years and know the way well. When many Swedish manufacturers moved their production to countries outside Europe, Thermo decided to keep it in Sweden. The innovative climate, together with the good craftsmanship of their employees and the desire to achieve the highest qualities, made us decide to stay in Sweden.


For the last 40 years we have focused on producing the best technical textiles for functional underwear. Our "base layers" can withstand any climate very well. Termo Original is ideally suited for the demanding amateur and professional who want themselves the highest possible quality, functionality and comfort.



When do you choose which underwear?


First of all, it is important to know which activity you are going to undertake.

Do you use the underwear during 'active' or 'passive' activities.


If you are active , you need underwear that quickly transports perspiration from your body to the outside of the fabric. This and possibly a subsequent layer then transports the moisture to the outside air. The temperature of the skin remains at a constant, comfortable temperature and the shirt will cool your body as soon as the fabric dries. The shirt does not feel 'clammy' on the skin. A 'cool-max' (or similar quality) t-shirt will do this.

For active activities, we advise you to choose the "Seaqual Light" , "Seaqual Jaquard", "Light 2.0", "Woolnet" or the "Wool Light 2.0" .


For passive activities, eg on the high seat or on the waterfront while fishing (at temperatures from + 5C to -40C), you need appropriate underwear that insulates your body well and therefore keeps it warm. The perspiration fluid must also be transported from the body to the outer layer of the tissue during these activities. Due to the '2-layer' quality, the first layer ensures the moisture absorption, and the second layer for the further transport of the body moisture. These 2 layers, in combination with each other, also ensure perfect insulation of your body.

For passive activities we advise you to choose the "Original 2.0", "Woolnet" or "Wool Original" .


The Termo Original program consists of the following product groups:


- Termo Original 2.0: Tencel, Polypropylene, two-layer channel terry

- Termo Light 2.0: Same as Original 2.0 but thinner

- Termo Wool Original 2.0: Merino Wool, Polypropylane, two-layer fabric

- Termo Wool Light 2.0: Merino Wool, Polyamide

- Woolnet: 100% Merino Wool, Mesh

- Termo Seaqual Jaquard

-Termo Seaqual Light


Depending on the effort you are doing, you can determine the heat / cold gradations on the table below:




Tabel Temperatuur.jpg
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